Thursday, 30 December 2010


Geert Wilders is probably one of the most well-known Dutch politicians. With his clear speech about the Islam and the extremism connected to it, he made the news in almost every country over the world. But what is he, an extremist or a fighter for freedom of speech. Everybody has an opinion about it but rarely people really know the standpoints of Wilders.

About the Islam he is very clear, calling it “The evil, violence believe, an intolerant and fascist ideology." But as he said to a reporter: “I don’t hate Muslims, I hate the Islam”. But that raise the question whether you can separate the Islam from Muslims as the Muslims believe in the Islam. 

This year a trial against Wilders started, many Muslims accused Wilders of discrimination and stated that because of the statements of Wilders, they encountered difficulties in their lives. After pressure for a trial from the higher court, the public prosecutor decided to prosecute Wilders but by now the trial has been nothing more than an embarrassment. Judges are sent away for being one-sided and the public prosecutor seeks for acquittal of Wilders.

The trial left more destruction than Wilders words ever did. The non-Muslim Dutch are watching the trail with disbelieve. They may not agree with the statements of Wilders but they always believed that in a democratic country like Holland, freedom of speech is valued higher than anything else. More than ever, the non-Muslim Dutch start to change their point of view on Muslims from tolerant to intolerant. Most don’t speak publicly about it, just with their own social circle. The gap between non-Muslims and Muslims is noticeable and growing.

After the last elections that took place on the 9th of june this year, the Party for Freedom became the third biggest party of Holland. That party got 24 of the 150 seats in parliament. It was a huge victory but also showed how many people in Holland supported the ideas of Wilders. But did they really vote for Wilders? Wasn’t it just a protest vote to show current politicians that we want changes? That we want to walk free over streets feeling safe, being able to say what we think without being threatened?

While the trail against Wilders continues, more and more people are starting to see Wilders as a fighter for freedom of speech especially the Dutch youth where Wilder gets a big part of his support from.

Whether I agree with Wilders or not, I believe he has the right to say what he thinks. For me he is a fighter for freedom of speech. No matter how many threats he gets, he lets the world know what he believes. I believe everybody has the right to say what he or she thinks, without any kind of restrictions.

For a complete story about Geert Wilders visit But don’t forget that every text on internet is written by a person and every person has an opinion about a topic. Therefore this can never serve as a complete truth.


Zoubir said...

Wilder is a racist. He actually is a fighter for freedom of speech but not for the whole population. Muslims for example may not have the same freedom of speech, according to Wilders. His propaganda against muslims is not based on his real ideas and beliefs about islam. If you look more into it, you will see that he's getting a lot of money from let's say pro-Isreali organizations. That's why he won't let the dutch government subsidize his party, because he would have to make his party's accounting records public. So I would say this is a really bad article, since the research is not correctly done, while the information about the man is not hard to find.

The International Coalition said...

I think your critics on this article are misplaced. First of all I am a Dutch citizen and because of that I am very well informed about Geert Wilders. Here in The Netherlands we are aware of the origin of his funding, Geert Wilders is very known for loving Israel and even lived there. Nevertheless he has the right to say what he wants, sadly a number of people claiming to be Muslim threat him for his opinion. When you continue to spread your opinion, topic is not relevant, even when you get serious dead threats, you are a fighter for freedom of speech. Not one person who every fought for freedom of speech had the majority of the population as support. Again, research is done very well as my information comes from the direct source, Geert Wilders itself.

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