Sunday, 26 December 2010


War is used as a method for countries as a way of solving conflict, when in reality, that is not the solution to a problem at all. Contrary to popular belief, most wars are not due to their ethnic and religious diversity.

Arms and military equipment involve spending billions of dollars. Many people don’t know that billions spent on wars have inflated a big budget deficit that will sadly charge the next generations.

There have been too many fights, battles, and wars in the past and present and probably in the future as well. We don't bring freedom to people by waging war on their countries, but teaching them how to be good citizens by educating and supporting them.

It is paradoxical how governments always have a lot of money for spend on wars, but at the same time they rarely have enough to support poor people living in their countries, but that is not all.

While many multinational companies and various rich families are getting richer and profit from the wars as usual, the middle class falls lower. So, to whom wars mean huge profits?

Wars: help more or hurt more?

Many people must be wondering what radical changes we would have in our planet if the money we spend in cruel and absurd wars was invested in food, education and health.

Wars have numerous purposes, from maintaining peace in the world to gaining freedom. The use of force is at times necessary but should be avoided when possible.

The late Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lester B. Pearson, said: "It has too often been too easy for rulers and governments to incite man to war."

Wars might be sometimes inevitable. No matter what is being fought for, or against, there will always be people protesting. Likewise, there will always be people supporting it.

Stop for a moment and think what the humanity could get if fundings for wars were invested to attend humanitarian needs?

According to some international recognized experts, there are many necessary things that could be bought instead of arms and military equipment.

Just an example: The Cost of a Single F-16 Fighter Is $80,000,000. This could provide 'Any One' of the following resources:

• 205,128,205 Meals For Starving People.
• 92,041 Clean Water Wells.
• 2,515,723 Adult Cataract Operations. Restoring sight to the blind.
• 22,857,143 Blankets for refugees. In emergencies, families often leave home with only the clothes they are wearing. Blankets give essential protection from the chilling cold.
• 8,556,150 Mosquito Nets. Two million people die every year from malaria, most are children under five.
• 2,517,306 Child Immunizations. Protect a child from the six childhood killer diseases - diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, polio, tetanus and tuberculosis. A gift of life every child must have.
• 57,065 Houses for family's currently living in cramped, unsanitary and dangerous conditions.
• 21,616 Schools furnished with desks, chairs, tables, blackboards - vital things children need to build a foundation for learning.
• 4,280,364 Children supplied with school books for a whole year.
• 80,000 Landmines removed from the ground.
• 310,138 Adult Literary Classes.
• 242,424 World Response Medicine Boxes. Each containing essential medicines to treat the most common diseases for a community of one thousand people for approximately three months.
• 8,556,150 Fruit trees planted. Providing a giant boost to the diet and health of a poor family.
• 7,130,125 Fishing Nets. Give a man, woman or child a fishing net and they - and their families - will have a source of food.
• 3,292,181 Nanny Goats. Milk, cheese and kids. Families in places like Bangladesh can earn a living by starting a small goat-herding business.
• 2,853,067 Chickens. Eggs mean protein - vital for every diet. Three chickens can produce enough eggs to feed a whole family. They'll produce baby chicks too.
• 7,130,125 Training courses for a health worker. Providing a local health worker basic skills on how to treat prevent and stop the spread of the most common life-threatening diseases.
• 2,038,217 Children’s School Desk and School Supplies. For children who have no place to sit, study and read this gives one child a desk with pencils, pens and books.
• 310,138 Wheelchairs. For a disabled child, a wheelchair can be the ticket to freedom and education.
• 114,436 Vocational Scholarships. One year programme helps young people learn a trade and gives them the vocational and technical training they need to improve their future.
• 7,130,125 Water Filters. Poor families in places like Cambodia, have no choice but to drink water full of bacteria and parasites. Water filters saves lives by screening out small but deadly bugs.
• 1,222,868 Bicycles for a child to get to school every day.
• 8,000,000,000 Chlorine Tablets to make water safe to drink.

Then, what can we do?

The serious consequences of the cruel and bloody wars are not others than thousands of deaths, mutilations, disintegrate families, extreme poverty, and destruction of natural resources of our planet.

Each year there are more and more international conflicts across the various regions of the world. If all current conflicts which initially were only small misunderstandings, had been treated on time, we would not have wars today cried.

Rather than be a healthy competition to show what regions, countries, cities adopt more realistic attitudes to end violence, lower crime rates, poverty, what we have it is a radical campaign to demonstrate which countries are the most powerful, those who more control over global decisions have.

It is in our hands in pressing constructively to our leaders for each nation's resources are exploited in the best way possible either by investing in the area of education, health and housing. It is imperative that the search for a development in all areas mentioned above.

Our planet has a huge variety of resources that have been wasted and unfortunately in most cases the owners of these resources have been a few families such as in certain Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Nobody has a definitive answer to non-violence and peace but with a fruitful dialogue on the part of our political class in which prevails above all reason and common sense and all that backed by a positive and active citizenship; sooner or later we will start getting the results we want.


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