Thursday, 3 February 2011


Dambisa Moyo is an international economist, holding a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University. Dambisa born and raised in Zambia and has worked for World Bank and Goldman Sachs, now turned into a bestselling author.

Her book, ‘Dead aid: Why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa’, published in 2009 was a New-York Times bestseller. In the book Dambisa says that the foreign aid only harmed Africa instead of improving the continent. The never-ending stream of free money for Africa supports and even strengthened the current corruption and consumption of the money by its leaders instead of investing it in the countries.

She didn’t only mention the damage aid brought to Africa, she also reached out a solution. This solution consist out three steps:
  1. Stop giving money to the governments of African countries.
  2. Make financing plans. The money that is spent also needs to be earned.
  3. Build strong institutions, governments and laws.

According to Dambisa, Africa need to take their development into their own hands, act now and don’t wait.

Dambisa’s book is fascinating to read, showing a whole other perspective on aid given to Africa by Western countries. Many critics claim that Dambisa is using the numbers in her favour, but if we use our own brain and  think about the billions of aid that went to Africa; we have never really seen a strong improvement in that continent.

Corruption, poverty, war, abuse, you name it and none of these topics shown any progress through the years. Maybe it’s time to listen to people like Dambisa and look for ways to really start working on the development of Africa.

If you are interested in the aid for Africa, be sure you get a copy of this book, it may change the way you think about the aid given to Africa and the right way to develop it.

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