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The Denver International Airport, better known as DIA, is located in Denver, Colorado. It is the largest international airport in the United States in terms of land mass, and the third largest international airport in the world only after King Fahd International Airport (Saudi Arabia) and Montréal-Mirabel International Airport (Canada).

The Denver International Airport opened its doors to the public on February 28, 1995. It is the only major airport to be built in the United States in the last 25 years. The current facility can accommodate 50 million passengers a year without any additional construction.

The airport was built in 1995 on about 34,000 hectares. Its initial cost was $ 1.7 million, but then increased by 3.1 million over budget. Its final cost was 4.8 million.

Facts about the Denver Airport:

  • The Jeppesen Terminal roof is made of a Teflon-coated fiberglass material that is as thin as a credit card.
  • The four busiest airports in the United States - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles International, and Dallas Fort Worth - could all fit into DIA’s 53-square miles of land.
  • Denver International Airport is one of the world’s greenest airports. We also have the largest solar farm at a commercial airport in the United States.
  • The airport contributes over 22 billion dollars a year to Colorado’s economy.
  • Denver International Airport was one of the first airports in the United States to integrate art into public spaces. During construction, artists worked with architects to integrate art into the airport.
  • Denver International Airport has the only passenger bridge in the United States where you can watch an airplane taxi beneath you.
  • Some people think there’s a conspiracy making our airport the center of a New World Order. Rest assured the story is definitely a myth.
  • DIA's 327-foot FAA control tower is one of the tallest in North America. There are 548 stairs from ground level to the top and the average walking time is 20 minutes. The tower is engineered to sway only one-half inch in an 86-mile-per-hour wind.
  • The airport site, though relatively flat, was lowered in some areas and raised in others, requiring the moving of 110 million cubic yards of earth. 110 million cubic yards is approximately one-third the amount of dirt moved during the Panama Canal project. This amount of earth, if dumped into a single pile, would cover 32 city blocks to a depth of one-quarter mile.
  • The fueling system at DIA is capable of pumping 1,000 gallons of jet fuel per minute through a 28-mile network of pipes. Each of the six fuel farm tanks holds 65,000 barrels (2.73 million gallons) of jet fuel.
  • Granite imported from all over the world.

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Some unofficial stories about Denver Airport are:

  • Denver Airport is scheduled to be the Western headquarters of the US New World Order.
  • Denver Airport has connection with a future holocaust and the end of the world.
  • Denver Airport has links to a potential 2012 disaster.
  • The Denver Airport has a hidden underground city.
  • Denver Airport was funded by a secret society.
  • The author of Defrauding of America, Rodney Stitch, claims to have a copy of a tape of a CIA agent paying off ($1.5 million) the mayor of Denver to get the airport built.
  • The artist who painted the murals in Denver Airport has been interviewed and once he claimed that guidelines were provided for their work.
  • In some sensitive areas of the airport's underground facilities, several German nationals have been seen along Americans.
  • One of the murals shows 3 coffins containing dead people, each person representing people who the elites may want dead: a black woman, a Jewish woman, and an American Indian woman.
  • The capstone of the Denver Airport is a Masonic symbol.
  • Denver International Airport is one of the main U.S. Underground Military Facilities.

Horse of the Apocalypse

Outside the airport, 10 meters from entrance, stands a 32 ft tall fiberglass statue of a blue Mustang (called popularly "wild" horse) with very noticeable veins in its body.

This horse has alternately been referred to as “Bluecifer,” “Satan’s Steed” and “Blue Devil Horse.” For many, the statue represents the fourth horse in the book of Revelation of the Bible. The horse named Death. That horse certainly brought misery, death and terror.

"And I saw, and behold, a pale horse, and he who sits upon it, his name is Death; and Hades followed with him. And authority was given to them over the fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword and with famine and with death and by the beasts of the earth."
Revelation 6:7-8

Denver International Airport concerns the brass plaque at the end of an artistic curved pedestal above the time capsule. Many people say that the plaque contains a Mason symbol. A large portion of the Denver Aiport is called the "Great Hall", and is named after a room found in Freemason lodges.

The New World Airport Commission mentioned on the capstone existed, contrary to what conspiracy fanatics claim, that there is no record of any such organization. The New World Airport Commission was a group of Denver business and civic leaders who sponsored and organized some events at the airport's opening. The idea was making of Denver a new world-class city.

Murals painted inside the Denver Airport have been claimed to contain themes associating to the New World Order.

The man behind the murals

Leo Tanguma is a Chicano (a person of Mexican descent) artist-activist who has created murals throughout the country, generally with the help of local students and volunteers. His innate social consciousness characterizes his vision as a human being and guides him as an artist.

Tanguma has his own quote: "My mission is to emphasize human dignity in all people, preserve the heritage of Chicanos, and most importantly, to stress the ideals of love, respect and justice".

I believe that Tanguma is highly misunderstood. I really think he wanted to show us the suffering of war, the war ending, and the birth of a new of commitment of peace in the world.

It is not rare that most of people only see the bad side of things. We live in world full of pessimism where the moments of happiness are very sporadic.

A Hopeful Future in which Humanity Rehabilitates the Environment

On this mural, I depict humanity, represented by children of the world arrayed in national or folkloric costumes. They move from both ends towards the center, and are shown smiling optimistically as they strive to rehabilitate our natural environment. On the background to this jubilant procession, are depicted various temperate zones of our planet beginning, on the extreme left with the ocean, temperate forests, frigid, tropical rainforest, and desert.
These “zones” are pictorially described with relevant geographical features, as well as wildlife indigenous to those regions. For example, the Quetzal bird signifies tropical rain or cloud forests, while the Snow Leopard is representative of frigid mountainous environments. Moreover, these different zones are shown as robust and healthy, as are the various wildlife species depicted. This portrayal is confluent with the ideal of a rehabilitated natural environment resplendent in all its beauty.

Tanguma said that the mural is nothing to be frightened of. The first part of the environmental mural is about the ways that humans destroy nature and themselves through destruction and genocide. The second part is about humanity coming together to rehabilitate nature and revive their own compassion."

The Torch of Quetzalcoatl

It was my intention to create a sculptural mural, which would be instructive about Mexican-Americans and our struggle for social justice and cultural self-identity. This design was inspired by our ancient Mexican deity, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.

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Conspiracy or coincidence?

1. - Horse of the Apocalypse

For many, the big blue Mustang is demonic.

The artist who made the Mustang, Luis Jimenez was killed in 2006 when a section of the 9,000-pound fiberglass statue fell on him during its construction. Jimenez was a widely honored American artist known for melding Chicano themes and Western history in exuberant sculptures.

Accidents happen, and more when one is making big sculptures as Mustang of Denver Airport.

After reading several articles, only one said that the Mustang of Denver Airport represented the American football team of the city.

The Denver Broncos are a famous professional American football team based in Denver, Colorado. The Mustang has been the symbol of the Broncos for many years. So, why to think that the Mustang represents one of the horses of apocalypse and not the emblematic American football team.

2. - Underground constructions

Denver International Airport is listed as one of the main U.S. Underground Military Facilities.

Function: Military research, construction, detainment camp facilities
Levels: 7 reported
Tunnels to: Denver proper, Colorado and Rocky Mountain "safe housing", Colorado Springs, Colorado (Cheyenne Mtn.), Riverton, Wyoming Notes: Constructed in 1995, the government and politicians were hell bent on building this airport in spite of it ending up vastly over budget. Charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work was reported so that no "one" group had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was. Not only did locals not want this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to make sure it was, period. Masonic symbols and bizarre artwork of dead babies, burning cities and women in coffins comprise an extensive mural as well as a time capsule - none of which is featured in the airport's web site section detailing the unique artwork throughout the building.

DIA is reported to serve as a cover for the vast underground facilities that were built there. There are reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations which make some people sick and cause headaches in others. There are acres of fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing into the area as if to keep things in, and small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels.

It is normal that the underground constructions are for the underground train system that connects all the terminals, including additional tunneling built to accommodate future expansion.
But, why too big? Well, if Denver wants to become a world-class city, one of the essential things to attract tourists, is to have a world-class airport that provides all facilities to travelers.

Other underground systems were built for Denver's state of the art automated baggage handling system. In 2005, it was retired completely because it was not working well; why to maintain anything that does not represent any kind of help?

Nowadays the underground tunnels are used for conventional baggage handling. Many workers enter and leave of there every day, and nobody has ever reported seeing anything rare.

Denver has a privileged geographical location as it lies near the mountainous rocks. It has helped each year mining and energy companies to emerge.

3. - Murals

Some people can say murals contain subliminal messages and that promote paganism and a New World Order. Others can say they are just art. We have to see both sides of the coin, and above all, try to awaken in people the goodness that rarely see nowadays.

In the first mural we could see a German boy that has a huge iron first and is pounding all the weapons into plowshares on an anvil. Why not to think that the mural where we see children of different races symbolize the unity, brotherhood and multiculturalism of our planet. We have to remember that the mural was painted by an American artist and that in the United States there are people from all latitudes of our planet. Then, why to think that the mural contains satanic messages? The point is that there is so much to interpret in the murals. Each one has its own opinion and that is a thing we have to accept.

A black woman inside a tomb can have many interpretations. Maybe it represents the genocide, but also can be seen as the thousands of victims that ridiculous wars have left over the years.

It is important to mention that the man who coined the name of the New World Airport Commission listed on the Masonic capstone in DIA’s great hall, Charles Ansbacher, died on September 12, 2010 as a result of an incurable tumour. He was vital in creating the airport’s enormous art program, which commissioned works such as the Tanguma murals and the Mustang. Ansbacher was also the founder of Boston Landmarks Orchestra.

For the ex Major of Denver, John Hickenlooper, all that is just the largest, most comprehensive public art project of any airport on earth.

We should not be so radical and demonize everything we see. Of course, there are many uncertainties, mysteries, enigmas that need to be clarified. There are things that can be explained scientifically but also there are things that can't be explained.

Leo Tanguma always says that the murals are about environmentalism and preservation of Earth. He says that as a Christian, he sees the murals as his sermons.

It is necessary to show the sad and harsh reality in which we, humans, live. Real life is not like fairy tales where the prince and princess marry and live happily forever. We must keep our feet firmly on the ground and see that each day is unique and different.

Believe it or not?

Honestly, I'm perplexed by the numerous conspiracy theories of Denver Airport. We have to comprehend the difference between fact and fantasy.

"Conspiracy fanatics" believes what they believe because they want to believe it. No amount of facts proving their wrong hypothesis. Of course, there are also people who spend their time, money, resources looking for authentic evidences that can prove their statements.

For me the big blue Mustang is art. I think it's a great sculpture. Maybe people who don't like that sculpture are not horse lovers. Really good artwork has multiple levels of meaning. Art definitely varies from people to people, so I can't expect anyone to agree.

If there is something strange in the Denver airport, sooner or later be discovered because nothing is eternal in the world.

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