Sunday, 17 April 2011


Catherine Ashton is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union. The name of her position is just as complex as the European Union itself.

The High Representative speaks for the EU on the flied of foreign policy and that’s exactly what wasn't happening during the revolution in Egypt. EU want to represent itself as a real union, where there is one shared opinion about situations occurring in the world.  But everybody know that this isn’t the case and its not going to change very soon.

With Egypt, the members of the EU all came with their own opinions, it was a shameful display of how disunited the EU really is. Where the prime minister of Italy said he thought Mubarak is a wise man, who deserves to finish his term. His colleagues Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy declared in a joint statement that Mubarak needed to avoid violence against citizens at all costs and give the demonstrators the right to demonstrate. 

But where/what Ashton?

We only know that she wanted to visit Mubarak for a meeting but as far as we can believe the media she wasn’t welcome. As we Europeans don’t know who Ashton is, why should the Egyptians know? They rather speak to someone who is well known, at least you know your words are heard then.

Can we blame Ashton?

After the revolution in Egypt, there was a lot of critic on her and her actions during the revolution but isn’t that a big hypocritical. Before Ashton is allowed to speak as the representative of EU, she needs to discus and find agreement between the 27 members of the union. As I noted above they all have their own opinions and are more than willing to share them with the world without the thought that it could be a better idea to represent one European statement. So Ashton has to speak with 27 member, let them all agree on the statement and that so fast possible. It’s just an impossible mission.

Is Ashton useful ?

It’s time for the European Union to decide what they really want. Do we want one statement or are we all going to keep giving statement individually. Without making this choice the European Union will not be able to have one voice and the position of High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union is useless.

But as many Europeans say: ‘Isn’t the whole European family thought not one big myth.’ Let hope the European Union learns from its mistakes and finally show some guts by taking the decision to or have a Minister of Foreign Affairs or not. Nothing more, nothing less!

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