Saturday, 23 April 2011


Isn’t the USA a big hypocrite? This is the country that wants to portray itself as the leader of the world being an example to others countries when it comes to human right and democracy. But doesn’t everybody outside the USA, knows that is just one big joke. Americans just want to be dictators forcing the world to be their puppet in order to protect nothing more than their own interests?

Now the USA is losing its power on the world, more and more becomes clear about a country claiming to protect democracy and human rights, we see the true United States. It is a country that doesn’t really care about human rights and democracy when the person in dispute is seen as a danger to the country.

Today, while reading the paper my eyes were drawn to an article about Bradly Manning, a military who is supposed to leak documents to the whistle-blower site Wikileaks. 

More than 250 American jurists have complained about the ‘degrading and inhuman treatment’ of Manning. And the academics went even a step further by saying that the conditions in where Manning was detained are comparable with ‘torture’. But this is not the only case in where the United States shows us his true colour.

We still remember the stories of Guantanamo bay, where torture was normal and where people were hold without any legal reason. Also we can mention the case of Irak, where children’s lives were taken away because they could be terrorists, without mentioning how making pictures with dead people, was seen as a fun activity for soldiers as memoriam of their time in the army.

And this is the country that is showing others what’s wrong with their policies, surrounding human rights and their democracy? Shouldn’t we just all just turn our back to the USA? Its economy is failing, its policies are failing, does anything even work there?

The more disturbing news about these kinds of events come into the news the more I start to feel repulsion for the country.  How can we, Europe, support a country that has these kinds of events happening in its territory? And who asks us to bring democracy into other countries in the Middle East?

Maybe the day has come to take a real distance from the USA and listen to the opinions from other countries from all over the world. To cooperate with countries we used to see as liars but who now seem to have spoken the truth way before we opened our eyes to see the real United States. And start doing what we learned in university: An analysis contains all sides of the story and is not a imposed unilateral view.ight to conquer and spread their ways to the inferior people of the world.


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