Thursday, 5 May 2011


"They want our resources by hook or by crook" was a famous speech by the late former president of Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, at the General Confederation of Labour on July 30, 1973.

Perón made harsh criticisms of the two great empires of that era: the American empire and the Soviet empire. He also lamented that Latin America has not achieved true integration during those years and criticized the lack of government action to prevent overcrowding on our planet. It has been more than three decades, yet many of the things the former president of Argentina said, are in full force.

The speech said:

Spoke to one of the leaders diplomats who served in the Stockholm Congress, which met for the ecological defense of the earth, because man has begun to think that is squandering the natural resources are not infinite, unfortunately, and that one day will be here to be left without land, without water and air. Undoubtedly, this process man has begun to see. And I talked with this gentleman, a man of great artwork, high capacity and above all very knowledgeable.
I wondered what took into clean of that meeting, and he said: "Extraordinary. First, there was talk of the country, spoke of the Earth. Second, we realized that the world was moving towards universal or to the carnage: secondary education. And third, we realized how stupid they have been men who for centuries have died by the millions, defending borders that were only in their imagination. "

Given this imperative of evolution, we must think that maybe by the year 2000, which will double the current population of the Earth and reduce by half the available raw material to live on, is going to have to lead, inevitably, universal integration. It is said that men should agree in total defense and use Earth as brothers and not enemies of each other.

Besides that, it will be necessary to reach the solution of the problem of overpopulation. In the Earth has been overcrowding, it has occurred in some areas because not only due to the number of inhabitants, but the disproportion between the number of people and livelihoods.
The solutions have always been of two kinds: one is the biological removal, that is, killing people, which are responsible for war, pestilence and famine, which is the disease that kills on Earth. The other solution is the geopolitical reordering that allows for greater production and better distribution of the means of subsistence.

If man, in the remainder through 2000 and early twenty-first century, it has not solved the problem by means geopolitics, producing more and more fairly distributing what man needs to survive, there is no other choice but to throw in mass of the atomic bomb, which can also be a solution if the folly of men did not use the constructive path and decided by the destructive.

Partners: These are things so clear that one need not be scientific or to be well informed to understand. Just to hear them and know them. These things are obvious, as is evident truth that speaks without artifice.

If that is the problem, the globalization of the Earth will be the best way to solve geopolitical. That is, to solve the problem with better production, better organized and better distributed, both food and raw materials, which will be the two priority needs in the future and almost immediate. If these things has to be done, they will not be done by themselves, because these things can't be done alone. Have to be made by the great forces that guide and manage the transformation of humanity.
At this point would be: U.S. imperialism and Soviet imperialism, or a third world.
If the universal integration performs any of the imperialists, would make it to their advantage, and not for the benefit of others. Only the formation of a third world could be a guarantee that humanity could enjoy a better world in the future. But for that, the third world must be organized and strengthened.

For almost thirty years, we, from here, we launched the famous third position, and then apparently fell into the void, because the world war had ended and it was the oven buns. They laughed at us. But twenty-seven years have passed since then and today three quarters of the world pushing to be in the third world.

They are companions, the big problems. Small political problems which have been committed so far Argentines against these snares of the immediate future what difference can they have? Gallinaceous are small matters, we would say well, walking to the ground. We must think big and to the world, within which we make our destination or succumb to the same adversity that others succumb.

Today we must think differently. You can no longer think the smallness of the time when everyone wanted to enjoy and none wanted to commit their fate or their future happiness to associate with the others. Today it is indispensable, because in a world that is done, there will be no country that can do it, and within those countries which are not paid, there will be individuals who can achieve it. Work today for the happiness of the neighbor's brother also work for the happiness of everyone else.

I think that's the way of our revolution. If we understand this, there will be another revolution that may be on the objectives for which we stand, integrating the Latin American continent, which is the last thing remaining is to integrate. All the others have done. Europe has built almost on a confederate association policy to defend against threats of the future, they see with tremendous clarity. Asia is integrating, as is integrating Africa. And we are behind they all.

That is the effort we put in that we are. In 1948 we made a treaty of economic complementation in Chile, seeking to create the Latin American economic community, to put in parallel our interests and unite our countries. We were very successful initially, almost all Latin American countries, except the betrayers known, joined and adhered to the economic complementation treaty.
Note that we did in 1948, and in this they rushing us, because Europe does later, in 1958, the Treaty of Rome, ten years after us. And now we are twenty years behind them. Undoubtedly, we fell under the sway of U.S. imperialism, which did not allow these countries to join, and always has been fighting to separate them and confront each other, so that unity does not arise.

Why have they done? Very simply, because they are running out of raw materials and are wanting to keep as satellite countries to those with large stocks of food and raw materials for the overcrowding that is already at 25 or 30 years away. They want that then we work to give them to eat and to give our raw material. Why? Because the overdeveloped countries are poor in the future, and underdeveloped countries are the richest in the future, which will have the raw material and enough food.

Now, that is our hope, but it is our peril, because history proves that when big and strong have needed both, went to look where they are, by hook or by crook.
So I said, twenty-five years ago, that 2000 will find us united or dominated, and each day that passes this check back.

A few days ago, the Middle East countries threatened to close the oil spigot. The Middle East produces oil that is 80% of the world's oil, so if they close the tap, the U.S. industry, which is all mounted on petroleum based energy, will have a very strong jolt. How the U.S. responded? The U.S. Senate replied that if that the Arabs, the U.S. occupy the Middle East. That they will do, but not only with the Arabs: they will do well with us the day they need and do not have!


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