Saturday 28 May 2011


The last 2 months have been specially hard for Libyan citizens. Speculations come and go everyday from all sides, specially from Western and Arabic media. The same happens with politicians. One day Western leaders are Gaddafi's best friends and another day they are their enemies. Who can understand that double standard?

What follows are some pictures of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi with different European, Latin American and African leaders.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi shook hands with U.S. President Barack Obama at the G8 summit in L'Aquila, Italy on Thursday, July 9, 2009. After 39 years, Gadaffi could meet a U.S president. But, were Gadaffi and Obama very good friends?

Gaddafi and Gordon Brown

Gaddafi giving a press conference at the headquarters of the EU. The EU received a "terrorist" and nobody says anything, specially Romano Prodi.

Gaddafi with WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy

Gadaffi with the Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez . They met at the Africa-South American Summit in Margarita Island, Venezuela in September 2009. Chávez has never denied that Gaddafi is his friend and is trying to mediate in the Libya's conflict. At least, we can see sincerity here.

Mandela with Gaddafi. What many people do not know it is that Gaddafi supported ANC fighters by training and arming them in order to finish with the Apartheid. The libyan leader helped South Africa in its worst moment and Mandela is very grateful.

Moammar Gadhafi receiving King Juan Carlos of Spain in Tripoli in January 2009.

Gaddaffi with ex-Secretary General of the European Commission and current Chief Operating Officer of the European External Action Service, David O'Sullivan (Left) and with the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquín Almunia (Right).

Gaddafi with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

In a lecture at Columbia University, Aznar said that Gadaffi has supported “the West's efforts against terrorism”. Then, why the West is against Gadaffi?

Gaddafi's friends: Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Medvedev, Obama, and Ban Ki-moon

Gadaffi with Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. He looks so proud to be next to his friend. But, why he said that his Government had offered to manage the exile of Libyan leader in an African country?

Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi attends a meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano at the Quirinale Palace on June 10, 2009 in Rome, Italy.

What a nice picture! Definitely, Berlusconi found a truly great friend. It is a pity that Berlusconi agreed to bomb Libya.

Gaddafi with the current Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He has criticised the NATO-led airstrikes in Libya, saying attacks on Muammar Gaddafi's palaces suggest the aim is to kill the Libyan leader.

Gadaffi with the ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair.

Gaddafi and Barroso. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said recently: “He (Gaddafi) must go and this was the unanimous decision of the European Council supporting this approach. Time is running out, so we have to intensify the international pressure on the current regime to step down.” But the above picture shows the opposite. The smile on Barroso's face says it all.

Gaddafi with Nicolas Sarkozy. The French President looks very happy being with Libyan leader. I wonder, why Sarkozy is using aircrafts to attack his good friend?

Muammar Gaddafi is welcomed by King Juan Carlos, and Queen Sofia of Spain during a ceremony at El Pardo Palace in December 2007.

Gaddafi with Romano Prodi

EU head Van Rompuy holding hands with Gaddafi. They met in Tripoli at the EU-Africa Summit in November 2010. Since March. Gaddafi himself was among Europe’s best arms clients for a long time but Van Rompuy keeps silent. The most incredible here is that in only 5 months (November 2010 - March 2011), Gaddafi became a cruel dictator for the EU.

Again Gaddafi with his friends again. We can see the Chancellor of Germany among them. Angela Merkel urged Gaddafi to resign, saying the UN Security Council decision against his regime was a signal to all "despots" and declared “it is high time for him to go. But then, what we are talking about? Merkel calls Gaddafi a despot, but said nothing when she met the Libyan leader at the G8 summit 2009.


Anonymous said...

He is Dmitrij Miedwiediew not Mendeleev.

Anonymous said...

D: Angela Merkel ist eine hohle Nuss, mehr nicht. Grüße aus Deutschland.

E: Angela Merkel is a stupid nut, not more. Greetings from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Manche nennen sie auch eine bitch.
Fischt mich jetzt der Bundestrojaner ab?

Anonymous said...

correctly: Dmitry Medvedev - engl.

korrekt: Dmitri Medwedew - German

Vladimir Putin not Valdimir Putin

Anonymous said...

Interessante Photoschau. Und der Bundeshosenanzug, alias IM Erika, also die Kanzleuse des Konstrukts der BRD ist auch vortrefflich abgelichtet . Sagt doch alles aus.

Anonymous said...

Das entlarvt die ganzen Politiker als verdammte Heuchlerbande.

Anonymous said...


Die Lakaien des globalen Geldadels.

Anonymous said...

die Kostümberaterin des Musel-Typen sollte an einem Theater angagiert werden.

Anonymous said...

it is absolutely ridiculous how these chimps act while they call themselves "leaders of the free world".

It is a true shame for us Europeans and Americans letting those guys talk for us and make decisions for us, they are simply criminals as well as Gaddafi was one, but nevertheless he stood at the side of the ones with him until the end. Who of the European political clown posse would have done so- Brown? Sarkozy? Medvedev? ANGIE? Well, May I estimate: NOT ONE OF THEM.

I didn´t like Gaddafi at all, but let´s take a look at the other side: There is (now:was?) no other country in Africa, not even South Africa, that offers those high living standards to its citizens but Libya does; water, free(!) medic help and (in the greater part of the country) electricity. one fourth of the working population has a college degree.

The corruption index rates Libya by 2, Germany and the US by 9.

I feel sad being reigned by such liars, cheaters and criminals. Our government is in a desperate state, and in my humble opinion we, the formerly-free world, are in rgent need of HELP!

Le Gall : Décrypter Le Système Pyramidall said...

quelle bande de salopards !

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Libyan standards (need to ask Libyans not Media about it)and corruption but I agree ...Gaddafy is only the last puppet ..I'm just wondering why they did not want take this Criminal to L'Hague and perform a civil process as It suppose to be in Democrat countries....Why do they kill fill the front page of world press?
I guess who's gonna be the next...

Anonymous said...

the answer is simple, my friend... if Gaddafi would have been taken to Den Haag or somewhere else in order to judge him, he could have given controversial information about weapons-deals and further business between the leading European nations (and the US, as well) - information that none of these countries wants to be given by noone.

They lie at our faces and laugh about it behind our backs, I swear. We are ruled by this posse who is ruled by a few banksters considering themselves bosses of the world.

Take a closer look at the conflicts of this kind during 20th century - it is merely always the same. Ask yourself why there are so many countries raved down by US- or European-paid revolutions that have not taken part in the Global Currency Fund.

Christian said...

Hello friends,

Thanks so much for the correction.

As you all have mentioned, Gaddafi was not the best leader of the world, but definitely contributed enormously for Libya to keep a high standard of living.

Now, everything Libya got with so much effort has gone.
Just hope that citizens continue fighting to achieve a real independence from foreign powers.

I also want to tell you all that we are preparing a series about Muammar Gaddafi's, since his beginnings, his aims, until his death.

Come back soon to read more about Gaddafi.

Nice day!

Unknown said...

Part 1)
I think it’s sickening that an administration, and an entire political party conforms to a pathological pattern of abuse of power and financial corruption at the expense of not just American lives...but also our trust in those who claim to lead us. The US did not orchestrate 9/11. It resulted from over 6 years of consistent and deliberate CIA failures to share vital intelligence with the FBI. Jessica Chastain’s character from Zero Dark Thirty, Bikowsky, and her former supervisor were arrogant, egocentric conservative CIA power players who purposely and actively prevented the FBI from receiving the intelligence necessary to prevent the 90’s embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania as well as uncovering the 9/11 hijacking plot by detaining one of the pilots. In addition to defending and overstating the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation tactics, Bikowsky also developed the whole CIA template for what we now consider torture—even against people who were ultimately found 100% innocent. She used 2 novice, inexperienced psychologists with no interrogation background to develop these unethical and ineffective techniques. She funneled $2000 of taxpayer money each day to these psychologists.

Her and her coworkers’ egos allowed 9/11 to happen; and her immoral values and conservative political alignments then paved the way for private investment in overseas military/CIA operations and black site development.

What I hate most and find so morally repugnant is the role that ego and greed have played in modern American politics. It’s disgusting for a president and their administration to have personal business agendas that they greedily translate into political necessity for the American public using lies, exaggerations, propaganda, and fear-mongering. It’s beyond hypocritical for conservatives who claim moral superiority regarding religion, gay rights, anti-abortion, and traditional family values to then orchestrate the need to wage war against a nation like Iraq (after also forcing the US to invade Afghanistan due to a systemic failure of the intelligence community) for the sole purpose of making billions of dollars in profit for themselves, their political allies, and potential business partners on and off Capitol Hill.

I know you said people using connections to influence decision making doesn’t bother you...but it really should in politics. No politician should use their public office as a way of leveraging the national agenda and public opinion to benefit their private business interests.

Unknown said...

Part 2)

Similarly, it disgusts me that Trump is using taxpayer money to travel to Mar-a-lago and Trump Tower for personal leisure roughly 50% of the time...and that within only one year in office, he’s charged the Secret Service $65,000 in hotel bills at Maralago. Even if it’s not his intention, he is effectively funneling taxpayer money into his personal business by charging his Secret Service agents to stay in his hotel (ie do their job) whenever he wants to go on vacation. Also, unlike previous presidents who divest their holdings in their business...Trump broke precedent by merely shifting control of the business to the Trump Organization. This means that any profits made by his businesses during his term will become his again once he reassumes control of his businesses when he leaves office. So, while Bush Jr benefitted his father and family with political decisions, Trump’s personal and political decisions will directly benefit him. Every time he uses his businesses for political functions, he is using your money to promote his brand. And given Trump’s proposed Border Wall, privatization of education, capitalist relationship with Russia, his relationship with big business, his pantheon of Wall Street-borrowed cabinet members, and family members in key advisor’s not at all inconceivable that he will use his influence with high profile banking executives, investment firms, venture capitalists, and personal business goals to direct how the border wall will be contracted, how keystone xl will be contracted, how education will be privatized, how coal and oil will be incorporated (Sec. of State Rex Tillerson is ex-ceo of Exxon Mobil), etc. Even his new tax plan was crafted to allow for larger tax breaks for the millionaires and billionaires in his administration.

He even uses Twitter to promote Ivanka’s Clothing Line and allows Kushner to act as a foreign ambassador to build his personal interests abroad. It sickens me. That’s not leadership.

Anonymous said...



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